OODA CTO & Co-Founder Bob Gourley was interviewed for this article by Kim Dozier at the Daily Beast.

“The former chief of technology for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Bob Gourley, tells me to go easy on the government—they’ve been trying to warn us about foreign hackers since CIA director John Deutch testified about it before Congress in 1996, and officials have been warning us every year since then. The bad news? We’re either not listening, or the adversaries are getting more sophisticated faster.

“Consider the Equifax breach, or the Anthem breach, or the OPM breach,” said Gourley, now at OODA, a cybertechnology and intelligence firm. “What do you want to bet that every one of them had posters in their break room advising employees to be aware of threats?”

Gourley is worried about a different type of Trojan horse: spies with allegiance to hostile nations, including Russia and China, that get hired by U.S. technology firms with access to critical information. “There are not enough FBI agents to track these spies down, leaving corporate America almost defenseless to do anything about this. I’ve seen no indication that awareness campaigns will make any difference here.””

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