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OODA – Enabling Intelligent Action

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OODA helps our clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and uncertainties while exploring emerging opportunities and developing robust and adaptive strategies for the future.

OODA is comprised of a unique team of international experts (Team Bios) capable of providing advanced intelligence and analysis, strategy and planning support, investment and due diligence, risk and threat management, training, decision support, crisis response, and security services to global corporations and governments.  Our team has been at the forefront of next-generation threat/risk analysis and global business trends for almost two decades.

OODA maintains a diverse network of international specialists drawn from industry, government, and academia in the United States and dozens of international locations.  Our team maintains expertise in a variety of disciplines including counterterrorism, information warfare, low-intensity political violence, computer security, intelligence, predictive analysis, risk and threat management, economic & geopolitical analysis, law enforcement, crisis response, national security, and defense policy.

The OODA Loop (observe, orient, decide, and act) is a concept originally applied to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The concept was developed by military strategist and USAF Colonel John Boyd [Wikipedia]. OODA LLC services are inspired by and designed to fit into an OODA Loop framework.