“The prize goes to the person who sees the future the quickest.” – William Stiritz

At OODA we believe in creating new value through investment, partnership, and nurturing emerging concepts that have the potential for disproportionate impact on business, science, culture, or society.

We are firm believers in the concept of black swans and also in the notion that trends and opportunities can be identified with thoughtful analysis and judgments about the future.

We study and look to understand the environmental, technological, scientific, and geopolitical factors that will impact the future as well as the gray area phenomena on the fringe that could present unexpected challenges or opportunities.

Through our investment arm OODA Ventures, we make early stage investments in technologies and disruptive markets.

OODAlabs is a testbed for emerging and disruptive technologies that allows us to identify unique opportunities for strategic investment and incubation.

We also will work with early stage ventures to match them with established entrepreneurs and technologists to create innovative companies.