“The invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck.” – Paul Virilio

We live in an age of exponential change. With the impact of evolving technology and resurgent ideologies being felt world-wide.  Borders shift, regimes crumble, and networks fail.

This has led to global unrest with violent protests, emergent adversaries, persistent chaos, and unprecedented risk and opportunity.

Our team of dedicated specialists work behind the scenes and in the field. Fortifying assets, managing risk, and countering threats enabling you to safely succeed in extraordinary times.

Our Security Sciences Group specializes in bringing data analytics and scientific methods to solving complex security problems.  An approach that looks at security  from a quantitative as well as qualitative perspective to drive real organizational change and increased ROI.


OODA can field Adaptive Red Teams to test for vulnerability to a wide-array of adversaries tactics and techniques or to explore the benefits of possible courses of action from a competitor’s viewpoint.

From an intelligence perspective our Alternative Analysis methodology can provide alternative viewpoints, challenge common assumptions, and anticipate unintended consequences of events and actions.

Our Red Team has assessed critical infrastructure vulnerability to terrorist attack, U.S. military strategy, economic impact of global events, and regional stability issues allowing decision makers to implement adaptive strategies to overcome risk and anticipate and exploit opportunity.

Please contact us to engage in a discreet dialogue regarding how we can help your organization or unique mission.