“There is no such thing as information overload, there’s only filter failure.” – Clay Shirkey

OODA works with our clients to enable actions that not only impact individuals, but also the organizations and systems that support them.  Our research and intelligence services focus on delivering not data points, i.e., numbers and names and addresses on a page, but a transparent narrative that clearly defines and supports our judgments, opinions, and conclusions.  We specialize in answering the hard problems and finding the “hard-to-reach” information that others often miss.

Understanding your environment is the first critical component of risk and opportunity management. OODA can provide advanced research and intelligence services, including early warning on emerging threats or ground-truth assessments to shed light on dynamic global risk situations.  Our intelligence methodology blends the best practices of several analytical disciplines to determine probable futures and likely outcomes to some of the most difficult international geo-political and market questions.

We utilize a network of professional and proprietary sources coupled with advanced open source aggregation technologies to provide our customers with strategic and operational insight that helps them manage risk or make lucrative business decisions.

OODA enables intelligent decisions and actions based on real-world contextual intelligence and predictive analytics. In today’s turbulent and complex world, informed decision making can be the difference between success or failure, profit or loss, and life or death.  Our research services help customers appropriately investigate and qualify new business partners and investment opportunities or identify and manage regional, cultural, and security nuances in emerging international business environments.

How we can help

  • Decision-making Insights through our OODAloop.com membership site.
  • Specialized Enterprise Research Reports
  • Market Analysis
  • HUMINT Research
  • Specialized Intelligence Support
  • Data Acquisition
  • Attribution Operations
  • Technology Assessments
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