Washington Business Journal provides an overview of what we are trying to accomplish at OODA.

“The rapid growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the corporate world is leaving huge cybersecurity gaps — and a pair of longtime security experts are launching a consultancy and venture fund to combat them.

OODA LLC is being headed by entrepreneur and security executive Matt Devostand former Navy intelligence officer and CTOvision.com Publisher Bob Gourley. The duo are also launching a separate fund — OODA Ventures — with plans to raise between $10 million and $25 million to invest in early-stage cyber startups.

“Machine learning and AI are essential technologies, but we are unfortunately making a lot of mistakes,” Devost said in an interview. “We are not addressing the cybersecurity questions up front in terms of building cybersecurity into the model.””

Two cyber experts are launching a consulting firm and a fund. We have the details.