“The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order.” – Alvin Toffler

OODA helps our customers understand complex environments and orient towards opportunity while managing risk.

We continually engage the best and brightest minds across multiple disciplines to inform our understanding of the world and the dynamic factors influencing innovation, development, sustainability/stability, strategy, and governance. This analysis is turned into opportunities for action and awareness of global trends and issues that ensures our clients are never caught by surprise.


The HACKthink methodology helps organizations apply a “hacker” mindset to problem solving and evolving or developing a disruptive solution.  HACKthink can be applied to team projects, executive management challenges, and at the Board of Directors level.


OODA can field Adaptive Red Teams to test for vulnerability to a wide-array of adversaries tactics and techniques or to explore the benefits of possible courses of action from a competitor’s viewpoint. On intelligence issues our team specializes in providing alternative viewpoints, challenge common assumptions, and anticipating unintended consequences of events and actions.

Our Red Team has assessed critical infrastructure vulnerability to terrorist attack, U.S. military strategy, economic impact of global events, and regional stability issues allowing decision makers to implement adaptive strategies to overcome risk and anticipate and exploit opportunity.


Explore plausible futures to determine appropriate courses of action, inform leadership, and build resiliency into global operations.