OODA’s Homeland Security services and solutions support the US Government and private companies as they strive to meet organizational security preparedness goals, and related national strategies and doctrine. OODA offers a layered range of products—including templates and onsite support—that apply to states, regions, Urban Areas, local and tribal jurisdictions, as well as private interests with a role in homeland security.

OODA offers tailored support to the local, state, and federal emergency management and other homeland security missions.


FUSION CENTER SUPPORT – Members of the OODA team developed and lead the national Terrorism Early Warning Group expansion project to develop local intelligence fusion capabilities in 56 UASI cities. Our team can help you architect your fusion center or provide on-site intelligence analysts.

SECURITY ASSESSMENT – Our team has conducted assessments and site surveys for high profile national icons, critical infrastructure, and special events.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SUPPORT – Our team can provide ongoing staff augmentation or provide surge crisis response support.

CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS – The OODA Team has developed COOP/COG plans at the city, county, and state level.[

THREAT COMMUNICATIONS – OODA can help you establish threat communication plans and implement supporting technology solutions and public relations strategies.

ALL-HAZARDS SIMULATION & EXERCISE – Don’t wait for a real incident or attack to exercise your response capability. OODA can develop and implement table-top and tactical exercises to support your preparedness objectives.

CAPABILITY ACQUISITION – OODA can help your jurisdiction develop and acquire capabilities in many functional areas.